Monday, April 12, 2010

Trillion dollars

It is said that one of the warning signs of upcoming serious inflation is introduction of new "powers of ten" in reference to amounts of currency that have been formerly rather unknown to the public.

You know, it used to be millions this and millions that. Once upon a time a millionaire was the term to reference really rich people. Now it's billionaire.

Recently term trillion has been popping up a lot. Like in reference to the US budget deficits.

So, how much is $1 Trillion?

I guess 200 euros or dollars a day is a pretty big spending budget in any country for an average person. Atleast in my country that would require earning something well over 10.000 euros a month. At any rate, if you were given a million, you could spend like that for 13,7 years. Actually longer, as you would probably earn interest on the remaining money.

So if you were a billionaire, you could provide the same purchase power to 999 of your friends and relatives too. Or then you could spend your lifetime like that and leave the rest to your kids, grandkids and so one until thousands of years were spent.

A trillion is so much money that it can not be dealt in terms of even above average purchase power. So lets check the spending rate of MILLION A DAY.

You could go on like that for the next 2700  years. Or then you could alternatively provide that nice spending budget of 200 a day for a million people. Because trillion is "million times million".

These video clips sum up the number quite well also:


Pretty BIG number, don't you think?

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