Sunday, May 2, 2010

Bear in the room

Past week I tried hard to look at things from bull's point of view, but it is not really working for me. I'm still bearish and increasingly so.

I'm torn between hold and sell for a number of my stocks which I know will take severe beating in case of 2.0 version of the financial crisis. So I decided to sell the most obvious ones: The ETFs with dividend strategy. These funds had a significant exposure on banking sector and companies in cyclical business.

As the result my cash (euro) position is now at 15% of portfolio. Not a happy position knowing that inflation eats that away all the time and euro is in decline. I now have to find a suitable parking space for that cash as I'm pretty sure I won't be increasing my stock positions for a while.

Last week I also increased my gold position which is now my largest single position.

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