Monday, November 15, 2010

Portfolio status

I have been steadily decreasing my cash reserves. Now I have approximately 20% of portfolio as cash and I intend to decrease cash position to zero within 6 months. By cash position, I mean cash that I have allocated to investment use by moving that to brokerage account.

Rest of the money is pretty evenly allocated between the following:
- Gold
- Mining companies
- Utilities
- Oil and gas
- Healthcare/Pharma
- Telecom

.. and then I have the category "Other" in which there is only Intel at the moment.

Geographical distribution of stocks looks like this:
- Europe 51.4%
- North America 39.2%
- BRIC 9.3%

I know.. the share of BRIC should be bigger. If we fast forward 20 years further, I belive my alloction is more like Europe 25%, NA 25%, BRIC 30%, Other developing nations 20%. And Gold: 0%. Once the bubble really gets going I'm gonna sell the barbaric relic and turn that to shares in wonderful companies!

Man.... I just hope that I could someday do this (investing) for living..

Sunset in Silicon Valley

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