Monday, July 25, 2011

Tuning portfolio risk lower

I decided to lower risk a little bit in the portfolio in the face of potential market disruption due to U.S debt ceiling.
Sold half of my BYD position (at loss).
Sold gold (at profit) to keep it inside 10% allocation range.
Sold half of Nautilus Minerals position (at profit).

Out of my all positions these I think BYD and Nautilus are most risky. Gold, on the other hand, is there to keep balance and to speculate. Now it was time to offload it a bit. I believe the gold bubble has still room to grow. So many debt problems and US may keep "printing" dollars ("QE3")..

Earlier this year I have been adding to many positions so before this we were about 0% cash. Now at approx. 5% cash. Planning to wait atleast until early August before putting the cash back to work.

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