Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Portfolio update

In the past month I have been making some changes to our portfolio. I have sold shares in AstraZeneca and Lithium ETF. I wanted to increase our allocation to Information Technology sector and some other sectors needed to be pruned. This leaves 21 companies and 1 ETF to keep track of. That's plenty for me.

Our sector allocation has now tilted quite heavily to Information Technology, which has by far the largest allocation (29%). Other sectors are close to 10-15% range. It is good to note that I follow quite closely what famous value investors are doing. According to Dataroma they are also exposed to IT sector although they do seem to love financials even more. Currently our allocation to that sector is zero.

Microsoft and Cisco Systems are among the Top 10 most owned stocks, but they haven't been adding to those positions lately. Rather they have been going after Oracle, Google, Apple and HP in the last 6 months. Overall, the big companies in IT sector seem to attract value investors and I do agree with them that there is indeed value to be found from many companies in that sector.

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