Sunday, October 20, 2013

Tasman Metals vs. peers

When writing my previous article on Tasman Metals, I noted that it would be useful to look at Competing HREE mines coming online elsewhere outside of China that might fill the same supply space. I started some work on this, but concentrated only on mines in or near Europe. A recently published article in Seeking Alpha seems to do this job rather nicely (as far as I can tell). I highly recommend it if you are interested about rare earth elements to begin with.
Best In Rare Earth Class And Undervalued: Tasman Metals" by "The Critical Investor".

I recommend to read also all of the comments, since there is some good discussion and alternative views there on the subject.
Also, I recommend listening to the recent interview with Mark Saxon, CEO of Tasman Metals by Gold Stock Trades Editor Jeb Handwerger in Youtube. "Tasman Metals: Critical Supply Of Heavy Rare Earths In EU"

The projects I managed to find in or near Europe were:

Storkwitz, located near the town of Delitzsch, is confirmed to contain JORC-compliant REE resource. In comparison to Norra Kärr the ore body in Storkwitz is much more difficult to access as it begins at 300 meters below surface and continues to greater depths trending straight down. It is currently estimated to contain 20100 tonnes rare earth oxides (half indicated and hald inferred). The drilling data covers up to 700 meters, but the ore body is estimated to possibly continue up to 1200 meters. In comparison, Norra Kärr ore body starts near surface and current drill holes are up to 150 meters making it feasible for open pit mining.

Kvanefeld in Greenland is potentially a huge project. Compared to Norra Kärr, the project is far bigger. Due to uranium it likely will also be more controversial. Resources are split to three different deposits within a grid of 7x8 kilometers. There does not seem to be infrastructure (roads, power..) so it is going to take more capital expenses than Norra Kärr. Target for operations to start is same as for Norra Kärr (~2016).

Note: all information about the projects in or near Europe where gathered in June before I finished my previous articled on Tasman Metals.

 The author is long Tasman Metals and considers the investment as very high risk one as all junior miners typically are.

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