Thursday, July 2, 2015

Portfolio update: Allocations and Top 5 positions

It has bee quite a ride in the markets past 6 months. First 4 months most of our stocks were performing really nicely. In the last two months aggregate gains have been almost wiped out.

Our portfolio is currently allocated as follows:

Stocks 98,0%
Gold 1,9%
Cash 0,1%

No bonds.
I simply substitute bonds with quality dividend payers in our portfolio.

Geographical Allocation (stocks):

Europe 54,5%
North America 33,6%
Emerging markets 11,9%

Actually, place of incorporation is pretty meaningless for most corporations we have invested in. Most operate and sell globally.

Sector Allocation (stocks):

Information Technology 44,6%
Other 21,8%
Health Care 8,8%
Oil & Gas Production 8,4%
Communication Service Providers 6,6%
Low Emission Power Generation 5,8%
Mining & Exploration 4,0%

Top 5 positions:

Company/ETF (place of incorporation -- sector) allocation%

Siili Solutions (Finland -- IT) 9,2%
Western Digital (USA -- IT) 6,8%
UPM (Finland -- Other) 6,4%
Micron (USA -- IT) 6,1%
Nokia (Finland -- IT) 5,9%

21,1% of all stock positions are done via ETFs.
None of those positions made it to top 5 though.

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