Monday, September 19, 2016

Which stocks famous money managers hold?

Dataroma tracks famous value oriented money managers that they call "superinvestors". Among them are legendary investors like Warren Buffett.

I regularly take a look what they hold, what they have bought and what let go.

Here is "Top 20" by ownership count compared to situation I had on file from June 2015 (please click to enlarge):

I included all stocks that had up to 10 owners among the famous investors tracked by Dataroma.

Previously I had 22 most owned stocks on file. Two additional were selected as Google and Berkshire appear in top 20 twice with different classes of shares. Last time I didn't check whether there were more stocks with 9 owners than the ones I took from the list in the order they appeared. Therefore, new entries in this September 2016 list have June 2015 ownership count filed as "9 or below".

There are few notable changes:
  • American Express ownership count has risen by 6. 
  • U.S. Bancorp is new in the list and made it quite high (change +4 or more)
  • Other new in the list are United Health Group Inc., Wal-Mart Stores and Visa Inc.
Finally, listed those that no longer made to the "top 20" list. None had any major difference to June 2015 as can be seen in the table.

All in all, not too much change in the list, which isn't maybe surprising considering all tracked inverstors being labeled as "value investors".

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